“With sensalytics we have found an intelligent, effective solution for access control, without any complicated installation. This allows us to relieve our branches and at the same time provide additional protection for our customers and employees.“

Malte Kuhn
Head of Project Management at ALDI SÜD

Digital access control via indicator light

The sensalytics platform offers an easy way to control access via a digital light indicator. This intuitive display is available as a standard view within the sensalytics platform and can serve as basic information for your staff to take appropriate steps. Furthermore, it is possible to display this digital traffic light directly to your customers via screens. This way you create a simple and automatic access control and can reduce the personnel deployment.

Keep control and react quickly

Since sensalytics works in real-time, you have full control over the occupancy of your spaces at all times. This enables you to always react in time. Therefore, sensalytics informs you and your employees without delay via web service, e-mail or sms.

Existing signal and audio systems can also be controlled. Use already established systems on site and inform your employees about announcements on their headsets or display information about the current level with an indicator light.

Cost–benefit analysis


Due to an automatic high-precision counting, you always have the correct utilization. The standard reporting functionalities of sensalytics enable you to view the numbers from the past at any time. This allows you to provide evidence in case of an official inspection.

sensalytics is many times cheaper compared to personnel deployment.

Personnel deployment

Manual countings lead to many counting errors throughout the day. Retrospective analysis of the numbers and providing evidence is not possible, as no protocoling takes place.

High personal costs per day and store exceed the costs for sensalytics many times over.

Use cases

Grocery & drug stores

Equip your stores with sensors from sensalytics and inform your staff in real time as soon as a critical level is reached. Concentrate on your core business, especially in times of danger of epidemics or other security-relevant restrictions, and do without manual and error-prone counting: sensalytics increases accuracy and reduces costs.

Canteens & company restaurants

Equip your canteen or company restaurant with real-time sensors from sensalytics and always keep an eye on the current fill level in order to meet maximum occupancy requirements. Our API allows you to integrate the data in real time into apps, the intranet and websites to inform your employees about the current situation.

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